Fulfilled by Scrapo

Through Fulfilled by Scrapo (FBS) we handle shipping, payment, and customer communication on behalf of our suppliers allowing you to purchase recycled plastic directly from Scrapo, and have it delivered to your door with total payment protection

The Benefits of Fulfilled by Scrapo

You deal with Scrapo
Scrapo fulfills orders for suppliers, so you're dealing directly with the Scrapo team when purchasing any material through FBS.
100% Payment Protection
We release your payment to the supplier only after your material is shipped.  Not happy with your order? Ship it back to us and get a full refund.
Delivered To Your Door
We handle the shipping & logistics, provide you with the evidence of loading and deliver your order right to your door.

What Our Customers Say

Fulfilled by Scrapo has helped alleviate a lot of the headaches of doing business, allowing me to buy with confidence. Couldn't recommend enough.
Mark J., Houston, TX
1. What is Fulfilled by Scrapo?
Fulfilled by Scrapo is the service on Scrapo marketplace, where Scrapo fulfills the material for the supplier allowing you to buy recyclable plastics ONLINE with full payment protection and without the hassles of shipping and logistics.

2. Do you own the material you sell through FBS? 

We don’t own materials, we fulfill them for our partner suppliers. We help suppliers sell their inventory by handling the shipping, payment and communication with buyers.  We’re an online marketplace that helps isuppliers sell their material online. Similar to “Amazon”, “Ebay” or"Alibaba", only for the recycled plastics.  When you place an online order through FBS your material comes directly from our partner suppliers, but with Scrapo's full protection.

3. What are your payment terms? How do you protect my payment?

As on any online marketplace, you're expected to make payment in full before we ship your order to you.  Scrapo protects your payment by holding it until we've picked up the material from the supplier and the supplier has provided you with the evidence of shipping, including pictures, videos, and documents.  If you're not happy with the quality of the product you receive, ship it back to us (you'll have to pay for shipping) and receive your full refund. 

4. How much does it cost to use Fulfilled by Scrapo?

Pricing is transparent on Scrapo. We add NOTHING to the supplier's asking price and we add NOTHING to the shipping rate we receive from our freight partners. All prices you see are Net,. We cover our costs (vetting suppliers, handling payments, arranging door-to-door shipping, and offering customer support) by charging a 10% service fee when you place your order through FBS.  

5. What should I do if I receive more (or less) than I ordered?

We fully protect you against cases where the seller ships less than you ordered, by offering a partial refund.  We fully refund you if the order is cancelled or if you don't like the material you receive (provided you ship it back to us). In case, the supplier ships more than you ordered, we'll invoice you the balance.

6. How do you guarantee the quality of the material? 

With Fulfilled by Scrapo you should expect to receive material exactly as it was described in the listing. We thoroughly select and verify our suppliers to make sure you receive material from credible and reputable sources.  We'll be happy to provide you with material samples upon your request. Moreover, if the material you receive turns out to be different from the sample or is not as it was described, you can ship it back to us and receive full refund.  To initiate return/refund you have to raise your complaint with Scrapo within 24 hours upon receiving your order. You will be expected to pay for shipping when you return the material.  You will get refund from Scrapo when material you return is received by the supplier.  

7. What is included in the evidence of shipping?

Scrapo handles shipping end-to-end to give you peace of mind about placing your orders through the platform.  We deliver the purchase to your door (within the continental United States) or your preferred port. The shipping evidence you receive on the loading day will include photos and videos of the loading process, scale receipts and shipping documents.  You don't have to do anything with evidence you receive, as Scrapo will handle the shipping.

8. Can I buy any material on Scrapo with the "Fulfilled by Scrapo" protection? 

Only posts with the green “Fulfilled by Scrapo” tags are fulfilled and fully protected by Scrapo.  We cannot provide any protection when you buy material not through FBS or outside of Scrapo platform. Moreover, we cannot arrange return and, therefore, do NOT provide a refund when material is shipped to the Port inside or outside of the United States.

9. Do prices of "Fulfilled by Scrapo" materials include the cost of shipping? 

Prices you see on product cards are Net, i.e. they don't include the shipping cost.  Don't forget to check the cost of shipping (to your door or port) by clicking “Get a Shipping Quote” button on the product page or in your chat window.  There is no need to ask about the shipping cost in the chat, you can check it out easily with a click of a button.

10. Can I arrange shipping myself or inspect the material? 

We know you're probably used to handing shipping yourself and inspecting material before the purchase. Yet you're not thinking about the shipping or inspecting any item you buy online because you expect to receive your order as described with an option to return if you're not satisfied. It's the same on Scrapo. Moreover, almost all materials posted with "Fulfilled by Scrapo" tag have been inspected by Scrapo's operations team at the source. To properly check the material, you can always request a sample from us.  We appreciate your intention to meet with the supplier in person, but we have to respect the privacy of our "fulfilled" partners.  

11. How do I buy using Fulfilled by Scrapo? How do I get started? 

When you find material you’ve been looking for and it’s listed with "Fulfilled by Scrapo" tag, click "Chat with Seller" button to negotiate terms or ask questions, then click “Get a Shipping Quote” button to see the cost of product with shipping. If you're happy with the quote, click “Place Order” and proceed to "Checkout" and payment after your order is accepted.  That’s it.

12. How do I sell my material using Fulfilled by Scrapo?

If you're a recycling center, waste management company or a plastic product manufacturer in the United States and you own the inventory you want us to fulfill for you, you can reach out to us at info@scrapo.com and one of our team members will be happy to walk you through the process.

My business requires a steady flow of material, some of which is hard to come by. Scrapo allows me to buy online, just like Amazon, with the reassurance that my payment is protected.
Ryan F.,  Columbus, OH

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How it Works

2. Get a Quote

Find offers with the green "Fulfilled by Scrapo" tags. We fulfill these materials for our partners by handling communication, payment,  and shipping.

1. Check "Fulfilled" offers

Click "Get a Shipping Quote" on the product page or when you chat with us. On the page that opens, enter the shipping details to see the total cost of material with shipping cost and fees

3. Place an Order

If you're happy with the total price, initiate an online purchase by clicking "Place Order" button. Your order is then sent for review.

4. Make a Payment

After your order is accepted, proceed to "Checkout" to complete the payment with your credit/debit card, ACH or bank transfer. You'll be instantly notified when your payment is received 

5. Receive Your Purchase

Scrapo handles the logistics end-to-end with our freight partners., so your order will be delivered direct to your door. If you're not happy with your order, simply ship it back to us and receive a full refund. 

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